• The object of the game is to earn the greatest number of positive points possible (i.e., to win!)
  • Do not get bogged down in the objective of the game; you will all understand the process as we move along.
  • Do not ask questions of the game facilitator after the game has started. 
    • Points may be deducted from a group's total score for asking questions.
  • Each team will cast a ballot containing an X or Y vote for each round.
  • Each team's first task is to decide how it will make decisions (i.e., consensus, majority rule, leader fiat, etc.)
  • Each group's second task is to choose a leader and a score recorder.
  • “N” means a negotiated round (i.e., a group member will be chosen from the group and join representatives from each of the other groups in the center of the room for a one-minute strategy session). 
    • Other group members must remain silent during the negotiation process; points may be deducted from the group's total for noises/talking during the negotiation process.
  • Round 5 final scores are doubled; round 9 final scores are multiplied times 10.
  • Each group is responsible for maintaining a running tally of the totals for each round.  Record all votes in the table below.



When vote is…  Group’s Score is…

XXXX   Each group gets 50 points

XXXY   Groups voting X get –100 points; group voting Y gets +300 points

XXYY   Groups voting X get –200 points; group voting Y gets +200 points

XYYY   Group voting X gets –300 points; groups voting Y get +100 points

YYYY   Each groups gets –50 points



Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

Group 4













3 (N)












5 (N) (2x)












7 (N)






8 (N)






9 (10x)