1. Course Orientation and Introduction to Health Communication


09.25 First Day of Class. Read PART 1: INTRODUCTION (pages 1-13) in textbook for Monday, 09.29

2. Interpersonal Perspectives

Provider-Patient Perspectives

Caregiving & Communication: Read for Monday: Chapter 2 and pages 317-320.

3. Health Literacy (see pages 317-320 in textbook)

REALM and other measures; Assessment and Controversy

First Blog Due today before class.

Communication Competence

Q1 today

Health Literacy ppt


4. Social & Cultural Contexts

Social Support & Health

Blog 2 due

Culture & Diversity Issues

Q2 today

5. Communication & Healthcare Organizations

Systems Theory ppt

Link to UK slides re: The Four Frames

Blog 3 due (before midnight)

Healthcare Org as Culture (and backtracking on Communication Competence)

Q3 today

For next week: Read Part IV

6. Influences of Technology & Media

New Technologies & Health Communication

Research Paper Workshop

Blog 4 due NEXT WEEK

Mass Communication & Health

For next week: Read Ch 9

7. Risk & Crisis Communication

Health Risks

WHO Risk and Crisis ppt (short version)

Crisis Management ppt

Blog 4 due

Communication Strategies

Q4 today

For next week: Read Ch 10

8. Campaigns, Communities, and Teams

Health Campaigns (Goals, Theories, Process and Evaluation) Chapter 10

Health Campaigns ppt

Blog 5 due



9. Health Communication Contexts & Challenges

Abstract Prep: NCUR

Q5 (on campaigns)

Presentation Prep

Blog 6 due

10. Health Communication Research

Research Presentations

Thanksgiving Week: no class Wednesday

11. Last week of class

Research Presentations

Blog 7 due IN CLASS (please bring device for online discussion to class). Exam Review Jeopardy! Game (pdf) found here. Remainder of STUDY GUIDE finalized ASAP.

Finals Week: Wednesday, December 10th, Noon to 2pm. Final draft of paper due by noon on this day (Must be hard copy, printed out, turned in to teacher--not under her door.)

Health Communication, CMST 420 Schedule

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