Tact and Irving Goffman's Face Threatening Act (FTA)

Face Threatening Act Dilemma:  Boris would like to spend more time with Natasha, a woman in his Intercultural Communication class.  So far, the communication between the two students has been limited to group tasks and study sessions.  This weekend, however, Boris and his roommates will be hosting a party, but each of the hosts is obligated to bring a guest.  In order to confront Natasha and ask her to be his guest at the party, he must risk his POSITIVE FACE (i.e., his need to feel valued and included) even as he risks threatening Natasha's NEGATIVE FACE (i.e., her need not to be imposed upon or inconvenienced by others).  Any way you cut it, Boris is concerned about initiating a Face Threatening Act (FTA).  Boris's communicative goal is to get Natasha to agree to attend the party as his guest.  He risks damage to his own positive face and a threat to Natasha's negative face.